Due Diligence Asset Management

In the course of their due diligence audits, Hilco Valuation Services’ appraisers look at the age and condition of the assets, evaluate obsolescence, and consider all other factors which could affect marketable value.

The appraisers draw upon current information from an extensive array of data sources such as local, state, and national governmental agencies; trade associations; vendors; and trade publications. They look at the company's particular industry as well as the macro and micro economic factors affecting it, and consult with industry experts. In the final analysis, our appraisers focus on understanding how market forces and economic conditions will affect asset values.

World’s Leading Provider of Asset Appraisals

Having managed many of the largest asset valuation engagements in history, Hilco Valuation Services has attained rare experience in the asset valuation services industry. Over the years, we have appraised over $130 billion of retail and consumer products inventory. No detail is overlooked in a Hilco Valuation Services appraisal, because we follow a regimented process, refined and perfected over time.

  • All tangible and intangible asset categories
  • 70 tangible and intangible asset appraisers with an average of 15 years of experience
  • Appraisers and analysts are responsive, accessible
  • Comprehensive proprietary databases and world class technology

Reliability through Disposition Experience

Our appraisals are subjected to reality tests by Hilco Global’s disposition and acquisition experts, who affirm valuations as if they were ultimately responsible for marketing the asset or considering its purchase. The due diligence team makes a pictorial record of the assets, either by video or photography, to facilitate the sharing of information with Hilco Global’s experts.

Hilco Global is a leader in disposition in a wide range of industries, including inventory, real estate, and machinery and equipment, so you know you are getting accurate values based on real experience. We have conducted over 1,800 industrial asset disposition projects. In addition, we are the world's most experienced, resource-rich appraiser of machinery and equipment.

If you need the best due diligence asset management available, contact Jim Glickman at jglickman@hilcoglobal.com.

Our unmatched global experience in buying and selling assets...
...translates into the industry’s most accurate appraisals.