Corporate Advisory Services

Why do companies, their lenders, and professional advisors rely on Hilco Valuation Services for answers to their asset valuation questions? In a word: Experience!  Whether as part of an acquisition, sale, or contemplating strategic alternatives, Hilco Valuation Services helps clients better understand their options, enabling them to make more efficient and effective decisions.

Fairness and Solvency Opinions

Hilco provides objective and unbiased fairness and solvency opinions to boards of directors, special committees, trustees, investors, and other fiduciaries to facilitate informed decisions. Our asset valuation services platform is an integrated compendium of specialty practices, and we are able to furnish value opinions across virtually every business asset category. Our opinions are used for a variety of situations.

Hilco  is a leading provider of reliable opinions for lenders, investment firms, corporations, and legal counsel on the realizable value of going concerns, intangible assets, witness reports, and deposition and trial preparation. We also provide opinions on fair value for investments not regularly traded in public markets and in general all manner of illiquid investments.

Financial Reporting

Chief Financial Officers, Chief Accounting Officers, Corporate Controllers, and Corporate Boards rely on our experienced valuation professionals to produce complex, sophisticated, and timely valuations to assist with complying with domestic and international reporting requirements, which ensures a seamless process that withstands the requisite compliance and regulatory scrutiny surrounding this type of work.


Hilco is uniquely positioned to serve as an integrated provider of ESOP services through every stage of an ESOP’s life cycle.  Typical engagements include:

  • Pre-ESOP planning (strategic alternatives, feasibility studies, preliminary valuations)
  • ESOP formation (transaction structuring and negotiating, initial valuations, fairness and solvency opinions)
  • ERISA Compliance (annual valuations, loan restructurings, trustee advisory, litigation support and testimony)
  • Exit (merger & acquisition advisory, recapitalizations, ESOP terminations, fairness opinions)

 Litigation Support

Issues such as intellectual property values and complex financial matters are combining with the economic uncertainty and increasingly litigious business climate to make litigation support services more important than ever.  Our senior professionals have extensive experience in the litigation support area. Hilco provides detailed expert reports, reviews and critiques opposing expert reports, consults with legal counsel and other experts regarding deposition and trial preparation and gives expert witness testimony.

Hilco Valuation Services is dedicated to delivering the world’s most reliable opinions, in the most professional and timely fashion. To take advantage of our expertise, contact Jim Glickman at