Hilco Valuation Services is pleased to announce that Lori Ann Ogolini has joined the National Property Tax Practice.  Ms. Ogolini is a results-driven professional specializing in real estate and property valuation, property tax assessment, property tax consulting, and business incentive consulting.  She started her professional career in 1985 in real estate and accounting and previously headed up the National Property Tax Practice for the Inland Companies, one of the nation’s largest REITS.  In this position, Ms. Ogolini designed, implemented, and oversaw methodology, processes and systems used to identify tax appeal opportunities often resulting in reductions in tax liability in excess of 10%.   Ms. Ogolini was also the Chief Executive Officer of Professional Office Services and is a member of the Institute for Professionals in Taxation and the National Property Taxpayers Association.  Ms. Ogolini holds a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Rosary College.

For more information contact:

Lori Ogolini
Director, Property Tax
Hilco Real Estate Appraisal, LLC
(847) 504-2451