Hilco ME Recovery Trends Q4 2012

Current Used Equipment Market
  • Most stable used equipment market since 2007.
  • Construction - Values projected to hold steady thru 2013.
  • Metals Gear Manufacturing Equipment - Softening due to lack of demand and changes in wind turbine space.
  • Metals CNC Equipment - Continues to be very desirable, particularly 2005 - 2012 machines.
  • Mining - Used surface mining equipment values are down due to the slump in the coal industry.
  • Packaging - Packaging and fill equipment strong. Vibrant North American, South American and Carribean Market.
  • Pulp & Paper - Market for used equipment beginning to show signs of improvement but over capacity still an issue. Late model lumber equipment finding buyers, older assets more difficult to find buyers.
  • EU - Problems in the European Union have caused a shift from manufacturers purchasing new equipment to purchasing used.
Over 40 upcoming machinery & equipment sales scheduled for Q1 2013

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This report is a 12-week snapshot of the current used equipment market compiled by Hilco. The
information comes from Hilco Industrial auction and liquidation results, information provided by our vast used dealer network and market research compiled by our staff.