At Hilco Global, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty. We have a proven track record of fully understanding the intrinsic value of both your physical assets and your intellectual property in order to maximize value. As your partner, we deliver world class valuation and disposition services on a local, national, and international scale customized to your specific needs. The Hilco Global Energy Services team will serve as your partner, applying our extensive knowledge and experience within the oil, gas and energy sector to help you manage today’s rapidly changing market values.


The North American oil and gas industry is a vital component of the global economy and supplies critical products and services to several industries across the world. With Hilco Valuation Services boasts a dedicated team of specialists focusing on the industry, with clients in the oil and gas industry that include:

  • Forbes Energy Services
  • McJunkin
  • Evergreen Tank Solutions
  • HOP Energy Commercial Fuels
  • JAG Flocomponents
  • Denbeste
  • Sprint Industrial
  • Carson Oil Company
  • BakerCorp Tanks
  • WZL
  • Chieftain Sand
  • Hallmark Tubulars
  • Energy Alloys
  • Star Gas Partners
  • Cornerstone Propane

The world's most experienced, resource-rich appraiser of industrial assets, Hilco Global has inspected and appraised over 30,000 manufacturing facilities covering over 500 million square feet of floor space, in over 150 industries, in nearly 50 countries.


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