Hilco Valuation Services conducts thousands of appraisals each year related on behalf of lenders considering the issuance of an asset based, cash flow, or real estate loan. Our valuations provide invaluable information regarding asset values across a variety of liquidation scenarios and are developed by using real-time, hard market data, accumulated through Hilco Global’s international asset acquisition/disposition platform.

Asset Valuation for Banks and Other Lenders

Hilco Valuation Services has managed many of the largest asset valuation engagements in history. We deliver over 2,500 valuations annually, covering going concern businesses, tangible and intangible assets, and intellectual property, for leading financial institutions and private equity groups who lend and invest billions of dollars each year based on our perspective.

We apply the valuation methodologies most appropriate to deriving a reliable going concern value. Methodologies could include:

  • Comparable public company multiples analysis
  • Comparable transaction multiples analysis
  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Leveraged acquisition analysis
  • Stand-alone earnings accretion/dilution analysis. 

Our industry experts and analysts continuously monitor a broad range of industries, markets, and economic conditions that could have a near-term affect on asset values. As changes are observed, it is our practice to share information with clients and, when we believe it is warranted, suggest an appraisal update.

Hilco Valuation Services is considered by major lenders to be the preferred source for value opinions.  Our valuations are more reliable because Hilco Global regularly sells the same categories of assets we appraise. Our appraisers regularly provide valuations for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. They fully understand both the supply and demand sides.

Reliability and Integrity

It is this experience that lenders rely on for answers to their asset valuation questions. Our asset valuation services platform is an integrated compendium of specialty practices, each with focused and deep experience in one or more tangible or intangible asset categories.

If you want the best in the business, put the most experienced valuation team to work for you. Contact Jim Glickman at jglickman@hilcoglobal.com.

Our unmatched global experience in buying and selling assets...
...translates into the industry’s most accurate appraisals.