Pulp, Paper, and Packaging

With asset values ranging from $500 thousand to $1 billion, Hilco Valuation Services has delivered more than 500 inventory, M&E, intangibles, and real estate appraisals in the pulp, paper, and packaging industries. Our practitioners regularly provide valuations involving:

  • Pulp, paper, and paperboard mills
  • Converted paper product manufacturing
  • Stationery products manufacturing
  • Paper bag and coated paper
  • Treated paper manufacturing
  • Timber tract operations

Paper and Packaging Inventory Valuation

Hilco Valuation Services is the world leader in pulp, paper, and packaging appraisals. A small sampling of our clients in the industry includes:

  • Verso Paper
  • New Page Corporation
  • Unisource Worldwide
  • Simpson
  • Tembec
  • The Newark Group

The world’s leading provider of asset appraisals, we deliver more than 2,500 appraisals annually, and they range from a single asset in one location to millions of assets in scores of locations. We boast 70 tangible and intangible asset appraisers with an average of 15 years experience, and our appraisers and analysts are responsive and accessible.

Reliability through Disposition Experience

Hilco Global’s disposition capabilities support the reliability of our appraisal numbers, conducting more than 75 machinery and equipment auctions and orderly liquidations per year covering the broadest spectrum of industries. We have conducted over 1,800 industrial asset disposition projects.  Using data accumulated through our global asset acquisition and disposition platform, Hilco Valuation Services delivers the most accurate appraisals.

Our reputation for reliable values is built on the strength of Hilco Global's disposition and appraisal expertise in pulp, paper, and packaging.  If you want the best in the business, put the most experienced valuation team to work for you. Contact Jim Glickman at jglickman@hilcoglobal.com

Our unmatched global experience in buying and selling assets...
...translates into the industry’s most accurate appraisals.