Healthcare and Pharma

Hilco Valuation Services has delivered more than 1,000 healthcare industry, pharmaceutical, and scripts file appraisals with asset values ranging from $2 million to $40 million, leading the way in industry valuation. With Hilco Global’s disposition experience in retail and wholesale inventory, intellectual property (especially patents and brands), and industrial assets, we provide the most accurate valuations involving: 

  • Grocery and drug store script files
  • Health and beauty aids
  • Veterinary products
  • Pharma process production equipment, including batch processing, tablet making, encapsulation, and mixing and storage machinery and equipment

Unmatched Information …
… Real World Experience

  • Twinlab 
  • IVC Industries, Inc.
  • PharmaFab
  • Kolmar de Mexico (OSG)
  • Procaps
  • Norwich Pharmaceuticals
  • Botanical Laboratories
  • Leiner Health Products
  • Nexgen Pharma
  • Ash Stevens
  • Adam Nutrition
  • KV Pharmaceutical

Healthcare Valuation and Pharmaceutical Industry Appraisal

Hilco Global is a leader in disposition in a wide range of industries and asset classes, including retail, real estate, M&E and intellectual property, so you know you are getting accurate values based on real experience. On a daily basis, we are called upon to recover maximum value for prescription files, retail inventory, FF&E, and IP. 

  • Disposition of over 200 million square feet of industrial, office, and retail properties
  • Appraised and repositioned industrial, commercial, and retail real estate worth nearly $4.0 billion, and restructured over 35,000 leases
  • All tangible and intangible asset categories
  • 70 tangible and intangible asset appraisers with an average of 15 years experience
  • Appraisers and analysts are responsive, accessible
  • Comprehensive proprietary databases and world class technology
  • Market leader in recovery through market making for IP, patents, and other intellectual property
  • Converted over $150 billion of excess inventory to cash

In the past two years, Hilco Valuation Services has delivered high-tech inventory and M&E appraisals involving on-site inspections of more than 110 facilities. Contact Jim Glickman at to discover how Hilco’s experience and responsiveness can deliver results for you.

 Our unmatched global experience in buying and selling assets...
...translates into the industry’s most accurate appraisals.