A comprehensive overview of Hilco's global capabilities in M&E, Inventory, Enterprise Valuation Services, Real Estate and Litigation support practices.

Topics will include:

  • Hilco overview
  • Appraisal Process
  • Value Drivers
  • Current Market Trends
  • Exit Strategies

Expose your entire team to Hilco and learn how we will work with
you to drive a more efficient valuation process. Key outcomes of this
session include:

  • A better understanding of how Hilco's appraisal process works
  • How and when you get involved in the process
  • A better sense for how the delivery of an accurate valuation can drive a more effective lending process
  • Understanding how the appraisal process can help you manage
    borrower relationships and mitigate risk
  • How our synergy with Hilco's Asset Disposition Group Hilco helps to
    drive reliable valuations
  • Exposure to Hilco's specialty practice groups including but not limited
    to automotive, metals, forestry, pharmaceuticals, printing, and retail
  • Current market trends and how they can impact your lending strategies


The more your team knows, the more efficient the appraisal process will be. Hilco would be happy to host your team at our offices or, if more convenient, we can bring Hilco to you. Contact your Relationship Manager or Hilco Appraisal Services' CMO Jim Glickman to enroll your team in this module. We look forward to hearing from you.