No longer considered "boot collateral," intangibles have become a viable, lendable asset. It could provide the additional value you need to meet a prospective borrower's capital structure requirements*. Learn more about our diverse experience and how we value intangible assets.

Categories of intangible assets with lendable value include:

  • Marketing Related- trademarks, internet domain names
  • Customer Related- customer lists, customer contracts
  • Artistic Related- copyrighted materials
  • Contract Related- licenses, royalties, leases
  • Technology Related- patented & unpatented technology, computer software, databases, trade secrets, formulas, processes

The more your team knows, the more efficient the appraisal process will be. Hilco would be happy to host your team at our offices or, if more convenient, we can bring Hilco to you. Contact your Relationship Manager or Hilco Appraisal Services' CMO Jim Glickman to enroll your team in this module. We look forward to hearing from you.