Hilco is lending global provider of reliable options for lenders, private equity firms, hedge funds, family offices, corporations, attorneys, investment bonds, turnaround firms, accountants, insurance companies, and private wealth managers on the realistic value of going concerns for lending, transactional, accounting, financial reporting, compliance, tax, shareholder dispute, and litigation support purposes. Learn how we apply the valuation methodologies, which in our judgment are most appropriate to arriving at a going concern value.

Going concern valuations of businesses at every level:

  • Company
  • Division
  • Product Line
  • Plant or Store

Methodologies include:

  • Comparable public company multiples analysis
  • Comparable transaction multiples analysis
  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Leveraged acquisition analysis
  • Stand alone earnings accretion/dilution analysis

The more your team knows, the more efficient the appraisal process will be. Hilco would be happy to host your team at our offices or, if more convenient, we can bring Hilco to you. Contact your Relationship Manager or Hilco Appraisal Services' CMO Jim Glickman to enroll your team in this module. We look forward to hearing from you.