Where others use assumptions of value, Hilco… a world leader in tangible and intangible asset disposition services… uses real-time, hard market data, accumulated through our international asset acquisition/disposition platform. We understand current market conditions and variables across multiple industries. More importantly, we specialize in valuing assets traded in marginally-active
and even dormant markets. Our expertise includes establishing fair value for business assets not regularly traded in the public markets.

Mergers, acquisitions, sales, bankruptcies and other transactions

  • SFAS 141(R) - Purchase price allocations and fresh start accounting
  • SFAS 157 - Fair value measurement

SFAS and IFRS for Compliance Purposes

  • SFAS 142 - Impairment testing (annually)
  • SFAS 157 - Fair value measurements
  • 3 mo., 6 mo. and annual programs)
  • SFAS 115 - Notes and debt instruments
  • SFAS 123 - Share-based payment
  • SFAS 133 - Derivative instruments
  • SFAS 144 - Impairment or disposal of long-lived assets

Tax purposes

  • All tangible and intangible assets
  • Cost segregation
  • Golden parachutes
  • Non-compete and support agreements
  • NOL limitations and built-in gains
  • Ad valorem

The more your team knows, the more efficient the appraisal process will be. Hilco would be happy to host your team at our offices or, if more convenient, we can bring Hilco to you. Contact your Relationship Manager or Hilco Appraisal Services' CMO Jim Glickman to enroll your team in this module. We look forward to hearing from you.